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1st Ward
Beverage Company

Welcome to 1st Ward Beverage Company, your go-to spot for a delightful mix of beer, wine, and an array of snacks. Come and join us and experience the unique experience of Uptown Charlotte.


you'll discover more than just a typical bar. This multifaceted space doubles as a bottle shop and a mini convenience store, offering a variety of beverages for on-the-go enjoyment. This bar stands out not only for its impressive beer selection in the coolers but also for its well-stocked snack section.



You'll immediately be greeted by a laid-back, local open-air bar with a refreshing selection of beer and wine. The atmosphere is cool and relaxed, creating the perfect setting for patrons seeking a friendly and knowledgeable staff. 


"good selection of beers on tap"

Always a great group of people here. You can buy a six pack and hang out while you drink it. They'll even keep them cold for you. They also have a pretty good selection of beers on tap.

- Kevin Hughes

"always a friendly experience"

Laid back atmosphere, awesome drink selection and prices, and always a friendly experience! Definitely recommend!

- Lian Richardson

"this place was phenomenal"

Came in from outta town and this place was phenomenal. Alex’s hospitality made me feel like a regular and the drinks and music were on point. I’ll be back next time I’m in town

- Sam Spanos

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